Kingston Permaculture Reserve is a food forest or forest garden: a system of trees, shrubs and plants creating a productive and sustainable ecosystem.

In parts of the world people have planted and maintained sustainable agricultural systems known as food forests, some of which are more than 2000 years old. Kingston Permaculture Reserve, the second oldest permaculture (permanent – agriculture) project in the UK and the oldest on public land, seeks to be an example for our temperate climate.

We are a voluntary community project open to all, part of the Royal Borough of Kingston’s green space, and have propagated 21 heritage variety apple trees which have been donated to junior schools in the borough.

We are located within Knollmead Allotments, Tolworth, behind Knollmead Primary School at KT5 9QP.

We’re generally on site the last Sunday of the month, but also at other times, such as some Thursday evenings. See our facebook group “Kingston Permaculture Reserve”.

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