Welcome to Kingston Permaculture Reserve: an oasis for people and wildlife;  a not-for-profit mixed orchard and tree nursery. To find out more about us please scroll down to About Us.

With the help of a small voluntary group of local residents we are working to help make Kingston even leafier. We would like to help by coming up with solutions and are conducting a


Street trees help make ‘leafy’ Kingston a pleasant place to live and work, but did you know there are 2,300 empty ‘pits’ in the borough where a tree has grown in the past?

Did you know that street trees where suitable can:

  • help support our health and well-being (by creating a more ‘natural’ environment)
  • provide food and shelter for wildlife (with their leaves, flowers and fruit)
  • reduce storm water run-off quantity (by intercepting, slowing and reducing rainwater)
  • improve air quality (by removing pollutants)

Royal Borough of Kingston’s tree strategy document in 2014 sought to reduce the backlog of empty tree pits by increasing replanting to 300 trees a year and this has not happened. Are you concerned?

We would like to hear what you think via a short survey.   We will collate the results to share residents’ views with Councillors and Council Officers.  We can’t promise what might happen, but with your support we hope that we can bring about change and get things moving!  In areas where there are a number of volunteers willing to plant and maintain young trees, we could seek sponsorship/grants and get a trial going.

Voice your opinion on this issue: Please click here to complete the survey

Frequently asked questions:

1.) Are you seeking to plant apple trees in the streets?  No. Fallen fruit would create a mess. Tree species are decided by council tree officers but you can share your view in the survey.

2.) Can I complete the survey if I don’t live in the Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames? Sorry, please don’t because the survey seeks to represent views of the residents to the council and councillors of the borough.



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Kingston Permaculture Reserve is a food forest or forest garden: a system of trees, shrubs and plants creating a productive and sustainable ecosystem.

In parts of the world people have planted and maintained sustainable agricultural systems known as food forests, some of which are more than 2000 years old. Kingston Permaculture Reserve, the second oldest permaculture (permanent – agriculture) project in the UK and the oldest on public land, seeks to be an example for our temperate climate.

We are a voluntary community project open to all, part of the Royal Borough of Kingston’s green space, and have propagated 21 heritage variety apple trees which have been donated to junior schools in the borough.

We are located within Knollmead Allotments, Tolworth, behind Knollmead Primary School at KT5 9QP.

We’re generally on site the last Sunday of the month, but also at other times, such as some Thursday evenings. See our facebook group “Kingston Permaculture Reserve”.

Use the drop down menu (hover over “About” in the top right hand corner) to access other pages.

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See our Facebook group “Kingston Permaculture Reserve” for when we’re there and join us. Do join the Facebook group.

Post code location: KT5 9QP

To find us, go into the Tolworth allotments’ site via the gate to the left of the school, and to the left of the community centre, keep turning right, follow the track along to behind Knollmead Primary School, through a small gate and into an area of mature trees.

The K1 bus from New Malden or Kingston stops on Barnsbury Way. From Tolworth station, walk via the alleyway connecting Donald Woods Gardens with Knollmead.

Children and dogs are welcome. Wear gardening clothes, and stout footwear. The ground is uneven, has tripping hazards, and can be muddy after wet weather. Bring food and drink. There is drinking water and a compost loo on site.

You may also contact us via our Facebook Group: “Kingston Permaculture Reserve”.